1. neuroarts: exploring the creative mind

    2023-12-16 20:01:00 UTC
    Welcome back to the series, neuroarts: exploring the creative mind. I’m excited to continue this collaborative journey with andrea robin studio, examining the fascinating intersection of creativity, neuroscience, and learning. In this second installment, I turn my gaze toward integrated learning labs, building on the foundation laid in the kickoff…

  2. why phe·nom·e·na?

    2023-11-26 21:36:39 UTC
    Once upon a time, in the ever-evolving landscape of education, there was a proactive learning designer. Driven by her passion for understanding and sharing knowledge, she was fascinated by the concept of phenomenon-based learning, a pedagogical approach supported by extensive research. Recognizing the transformative potential of this approach, the learning…

  3. welcome

    2021-12-19 19:28:45 UTC
    what is integrated learning labs? As a learning experience designer and educator who works with organizations and individuals in higher education, NGOs, government, and corporations, I’m fortunate to create access to quality integrated learning.  I provide support to learners, educators, and leaders seeking to develop learning programs and cultures tailored…

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