Andrea Robin, Learning Advisor + Principal

Integrated Learning | Facilitation | Instructional Design | Capability Development | Advocacy 

I create and implement evidence-informed integrated learning programs for improved health, performance, and equity. Throughout a 16 year career, I've specialized in devising innovative programs that incorporate understanding of culture, learning sciences, and social innovation to support individual and organizational development.

Partnerships and collaborations with Universities, NPOs, and Government in Canada, the UK, France, and the US enable me to contribute my expertise with integrated learning, facilitation, instructional design, capability development, and advocacy serving to initiate and develop various projects including UBC's Work Learn program (2017 - 2019), UBC's Student Leadership Conference's Facilitating for Social Change Workshop (2019), UBC's Equity & Inclusion Positive Space Workshop (2018), Artstarts in Schools' arts integrated learning programs (2015 - 2017), Science World's research and development program (2016), and Emily Carr University's technical programming (2005 - 2012).

A core interest in the impact of integrated learning on health outcomes informs my practice and continued education. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr University (2005) where I studied how society interprets culture, two years of study in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University (2010 - 2012) where I studied how integrated learning affects health (Psychoneuroimmunology), and a focus in Learning Sciences and Technology from ongoing studies.




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